Certified True Copies of Documents

Certification of a document means verifying it to be a true (accurate) copy of an original document. A notary public certifies a document by comparing it to the original and, if satisfied that the copy is a true copy, attaching a notarial certificate to the copy bearing the notary public's signature and seal.

A notary public at Valu-Notary® can certify a true copy of a document for you. Prices start at just $15 per document.

Examples of documents that we can certify true copies of include:

academic transcripts
assignments of intellectual property
birth certificates
change of name documents
citizenship cards
college and university transcripts
contracts and commercial agreements
copyright registrations
corporate documents
death certificates
driver's licences
letters and notes
marriage certificates
miscellaneous identity documents
permanent resident cards
police record checks / clearance letters
professional certificates
trade-mark registrations

The above list is just a sample of the documents that may be certified as true copies. Certain exceptions apply. Contact us today for more information.